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Screen Readers

All of’s functions are accessible through key commands and screen readers. Here are the key commands; you can also access them through the key commands button in’s control panel (the control panel in the app that also has the reason, objection, and other buttons).

Here are a few tips to make sure your screen reader works for you.

Use’s Navigation Keystrokes to Navigate Your Maps

Don’t use your screen reader’s navigation keystrokes. These are Alt + Shift + Arrow key in Windows and Option + Shift + Arrow Key on Mac. While your screen reader’s keystrokes will likely get you around your map, they won’t let you navigate it in a logical order.

Your screen reader may read out all the relevant information about a box once you select it or navigate on to it. If it doesn’t, then to hear information about the box, select its text entry box by pressing Alt + Shift + Enter (Windows) or Option + Shift + Enter (Mac).

Turn off Your Virtual PC Cursor

Here is an explanation of the virtual PC cursor, including instructions on turning it on and off.

Screen Reader Compatibility is compatible with NVDA, VoiceOver, and the latest version of JAWS. Its navigation keystrokes aren’t compatible with some older versions of JAWS.