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View Panel

The View Panel is the four connected buttons in the lower left-hand corner of Argumentation. You can click on these buttons with your mouse or navigate to them with the tab key.

The View Panel. It's four square buttons connected vertically to form a rectangle. In the top square there's a plus sign. In the next square, there's a minus sign. In the next square, there's a square with small circles over the corners. And in the bottom square, there are three connected quadrilaterals.

Zoom in

The first button in it, the one with the plus sign on it, zooms in on your map, making it look bigger.

Zoom out

The second button, the one with the minus sign, zooms out, making your map look smaller.

Fit to screen

The third button, the one with the square with squares on its corners, is the fit-to-screen button. It zooms in or out on your map so that your map fills up your view of Argumentation.

Toggle mini map

The fourth and final button, the one with the three rectangles connected lengthwise, is the toggle mini-map button. Clicking this brings up a map, in the lower right-hand corner of Argumentation, a zoomed-out view of the overall structure of your map. Clicking the toggle mini-map button again removes this map.